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Course Delivery


Our English levels have a duration of 160 hours. We divide our levels into cycles of 40 hours each. We require our students to complete an online evaluation in order to identify their precise grammar level, followed by an interview to verify their speaking level.

Upon completion of each level, participants will be able to take the corresponding Cambridge ESOL international exam for international certification.

Progress Reports

We provide reports at the end of each 40-hour cycle. These include the student´s attendance, and their exam result in the written and oral exams. We include recommendations as to how the student could improve their performance, and also suggest materials to use for home study.


In-Company Programmes

Colombian companies are playing an ever more active role in the global market, and their executives have an urgent need not only to speak English, but also to function appropriately in other cultures. Our corporate courses are given by highly experienced CELTA-qualified teachers, who also make an important contribution when advising on cultural norms in English-speaking countries.

These courses are specifically designed to enable your employees to develop their English skills to a level at which they can function effectively in any business environment, in order to meet the demands of the global market.

One-to-one, or group classes of up to 8 people, the courses are given at the client’s office.


Intensive courses

When rapid progress is essential, and the pressure to advance is great, our intensive English programme is the perfect choice. 10 hours per day, 5, 6 or even 7 days per week, this programme is extremely effective in taking the client to where they need to be. A team of 4 teachers works with the client on different skills throughout the day, making for a varied and dynamic experience. This course can be taken at the client’s home or office, or at the office of Study Agency.


Business English

Our Business English courses are designed for professionals who need to use English as part of their working lives. Skills such as negotiating, making presentations, participating in meetings and using social English are just some topics covered in this challenging and rewarding course. Mastering business concepts and terminology in English is vital if one wishes to advance professionally, and acquire a more global profile. Our teachers are specialists in this area. This is a very popular choice for our corporate clients.


General English

From absolute beginner to advanced, our General English courses are fast-paced, fun, and supremely practical. Our teachers employ the most innovative and exciting teaching techniques in the field of language learning today. Our results are outstanding, as the combination of highly -qualified teachers and state-of-the-art materials make the learning process efficient and effective.


Exam Preparation

International exams such as the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT and ACT, are required if one wishes to study or work in an English-speaking country, while also being a prerequisite for graduation in many Colombian universities. We provide expert tuition to help guarantee that our clients achieve the score they require. Intensive, tough, and demanding, these courses are the preparation you need to succeed.


Total Immersion Courses

We run our 7-day Total Immersion Courses in Villa de Leyva. Each day starts at 8am, finishing at 9pm. 8 hours of class, plus mealtimes and social activities through English, combine to make a fun, unforgettable experience, and the results are truly remarkable.

Our 3-day weekend courses have a similar schedule. Both courses are very popular with our corporate clients, as the team-building benefits give added value.