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About Study Agency

Study Agency is an Irish company, founded in the year 2000 as an organization specialized in the learning of the English language. Since then, we have worked closely with corporations, both multinational and national, government agencies, colleges and individual clients, providing training solutions for their English needs.


Our courses are based on communicative methodologies and are supported by multimedia material (DVDs and CDs) for all levels. In Study Agency we use the “Communicative Method”, which is based on the idea that learning the language successfully comes through having to communicate a real meaning. When students participate in real communication, they will use their natural strategies for language acquisition, which will allow them to learn how to use the language.

Class activities guided by the Communicative Method are characterized by trying to produce meaningful and real communication at all levels. As a result, there may be more emphasis on skills than systems. Lessons are more student-centered, and dynamic and authentic materials complement the texts of the courses.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Teachers. The Right Solution.

Our teachers come from all over the world, and are carefully vetted and interviewed for a good fit – before joining our team..


Native Speakers

All teachers are native speakers, with a small number of dual nationality citizens who speak English at the native level.

Natural speech is key!

We want our students to be exposed to a genuine, natural model of speech.

University graduates

They are all graduates of universities in their respective countries of origin.

Learning experience matters

We feel having been through a rigorous higher educational program is invaluable experience.

CELTA qualified

All of our teachers are holders of the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults), which is accredited by the University of Cambridge.

High standards assured

Ensuring all staff are endorsed by one of the most respected educational authorities in the world.

students reached level C1
academic hours taught
companies provided with Business English programmes
students that consistently completed their homework
students arrived late, blaming the traffic
boardmarkers used

At Study Agency, we demand the highest standards from our teachers. Professional, prepared, punctual, and perfectly photogenic!

Jenni Fawn
Jenni FawnTeacher
A graduate from the University of Hull, Jenni has had a totally fictitious career, culminating in a teaching post with Study Agency. When she’s not language training our students, she can be found modelling, and on the bird reception desk at the local chicken nugget factory.
Gorgeousness 93%
Aggression against poultry 86%
Connor McElroy
Connor McElroyTeacher
Often to be found looking slightly up and to the right, Connor is one of our star teachers. Ever since we found him alone and calling for his Ma at a downtown Bogotá Empanada joint, he’s really thrived at Study Agency, and has come out of his shell. Teaching with us is not his only profession – he is also a part-time tortoise.
Photocopying copyrighted material 96%
Eating lettuce leaves slowly 85%
Jane Rose
Jane RoseTeacher
Jane has been with us 3 years now, and has proven herself many times over in class, and at the hair salon. We don’t care how half-fallen out her perm is – our students love her, her overly short sleeves, warts and all!
Shyness 89%
Polka dottedness 95%

From the heart of Colombia, through our teachers and students, we reach out to the World.

Our Commitment to Ourselves. Our Guarantee to You.

We can guarantee the talent and professionalism of our teachers, the quality of the materials we use, and the effectiveness of the teaching techniques employed in class. If you, the student, can match the discipline and dedication that we bring to the table, outstanding results are inevitable.

We Are Dynamic

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We Have Integrity

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We Love our Students

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We’re Here To Help Spark Your English learning career!!

Through Creativity, Professionalism & Pure Determination

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